I had a chance to meet this energetic, motivated man about 8 years ago

This person is someone you come across every once in a while and he makes an immediate impact on those fortunate enough to be in his path. His name is Mark J. Lindquist - born in a town called Ortonville, Minnesota. He now calls Moorhead, Minnesota his home, if you are looking for a motivational speaker, this is your perfect person. He is the CEO at  Mark J. Lindquist - Motivational Speaker and Entertainer - He is Nationally recognized and has toured the world, AND he is graced with a ton of talent, as a matter of fact, you may have seen him on television singing the National Anthem, he has performed for the largest crowds in America for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA and on MNF, TNF, and SNF. Here he is doing what he loves:

Mark J Lindquist YouTube

The most important part of all though- he is a man with an enormous heart and he is on a mission.

Literally, a bone-chilling event kicked off today in Fargo

Mark is a United States Air Force Veteran - Here is what he posted yesterday on Facebook, which began today!

"Announcing OPERATION: SLEEP OUT in downtown Fargo, North Dakota starting TOMORROW at noon!! I have obtained permission to winter camp outdoors in my tent and sleeping bag in Broadway Square! From December 16th to New Year’s Day it is my intent to complete the 17-day outdoor mission in solidarity with my brothers in a trench on the other side of the world.
The first two days will be in the Square and then Sunday night I will start moving locations around town, looking for hosts in backyards, football fields, parking lots, businesses, wherever will take me! I will be telling stories on social media and you can tune in to hear the real story from those who were there!! Thank you to the Mayor, The Fargo Park Board, and the Broadway Square Board for the support!! Our community is amazing!❤️
Come find me and hear about ways to help people this Christmas!"

Here is a snapshot of how YOU can help:


Now let's try and comprehend what he started today

Today is December 16th, NOT May. North Dakota weather is brutal, and uninviting in the winter, Mother Nature can be downright rude - Mark began a 17-day mission today to camp out with his tent and sleeping bag - he's not crazy, I assure you. He's also about THE most humble, nicest human being I have ever met - IF you get the chance, go shake his hand.


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