Two of the radio stations I work on, are both giving you an opportunity to win up to $10,000 dollars, 10 times a day.  It's so easy to win too.  Just listen each hour for the code words and enter them into our free apps to win.  The more codes you enter, of course the better your chance to win.

So I decided to ask our listeners a "hypothetical" question on our station facebook page.  "If you won 10 thousand dollars from us, and had to spend it ALL at on Bismarck Mandan store, which one would you choose?"  An interesting question, and it's fun to think about it.  Which store would do your family the most good with big chunk of change.

I had nearly 100 people respond to my post on facebook, and it really turned out to be a two horse race.  So, here's the top 10 places in Bismarck Mandan, that people would spend ALL $10,000 dollars at.  Keep in mind again, the criteria was they had to spend all $10K at one Bismarck Mandan business.

The Top 10 Businesses In Bismarck Mandan You Would Spend $10 Grand At: 

10.  I. Keating Furniture World-Bismarck 2.0% of the vote.

9.  Sam's Club-Bismarck 2.5% of the vote.

8.  Roughrider Harley Davidson-Mandan 2.5% of the vote.

7.  Butcher Block Meats-Mandan 2.5 % of the vote.

6.  Costco-Bismarck 3% of the vote.  I thought this would be much higher.

5.  Walmart-Bismarck, Mandan 7% of the vote.

4.  Target-Bismarck 7% of the vote.

3.  Lowes-Bismarck 7% of the vote. 

2.  Scheels-Bismarck 20% of the vote.

1.  Menards-25% of the vote.  Don't forget your mask!  lol

There you have it, The stores you would spend all of 10 Grand at.  Like I said, it really was a two store race.  This shows me that home improvement and the outdoors are very important in Bismarck Mandan.  I was a bit surprised that Target and Costco didn't fair a little better.  Anyway, you can make this dream a reality.  Keep listening and don't forget to enter as many codes as possible!  And oh, you DON'T have to spend it all at one store!  :)



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