If North Dakota had a candle, what would it smell like?  An interesting question I thought?  I posed this question to our US 103-3 facebook page fans and defiantly received some interesting answers.


Busch beer came up numerous times in our unofficial poll.  Is it safe to say this is the official beer of Bismarck-Mandan?

People also poked fun at our extremely balmy weather we are currently having.


Another very clever answer on the complete opposite end of the spectrum was "Deep Woods Off"!  Yes, the mosquitoes can be so bad here, they can change the channel in the summertime.

Harvest would also be a big part of a North Dakota candle.  Fresh cut hay, alfalfa, harvest dust, etc.


Ranch dressing is another interesting possibility for a North Dakota candle.  As it seems like everybody likes that mixed with ketchup for their fries.

Red beer is also popular in Bismarck Mandan.  Something I need to try I guess.  Plus, I like pickles in a big way!

Since I work within a "stones throw" from Kist Livestock, I certainly can relate to a "hint of cow down the road".


Maybe we should go to "Shark Tank" with some of these ideas?  Who's with me?

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