Let me start off by saying that I am 100% in favor of landowner rights first.  As a HUGE North Dakota, I am very aware of what a privilege it is to be able to access private land for in most cases nothing more than a smile and a handshake.

I came across a video of a landowner/hunter altercation that was really shocking.  It will make your blood boil no matter what side you take.

I've literally watched the video several times just to try and figure out exactly what happened.

The gist of the altercation?

The landowner was upset at some college-aged kids (at least one of them is from the Fargo area) set up on a section line next to his cornfield in an A-frame blind.  They were hunting waterfowl in a bean field that they did have permission to hunt.

The devil is in the details.

Although their A-frame blind is not touching the landowner's cornfield, the grass they used to camouflage it apparently was.  Does that constitute a trespass?  I don't know.

The landowner is mostly upset because these kids are too close to where he wanted to hunt.  If you read between the lines of the conversation, that appears to be at the heart of the dispute.

Eventually, after 10 minutes of swearing and screaming at the college kids and one of their Grand Pa's, the landowner calls the local Game Warden over to the situation.  I do have to admire how the young kids handled the whole ordeal.  They kept their cool (for the most part) despite being threatened with a barrage of verbal abuse.

Where the landowner may have really crossed the line himself?

Before the local Game Warden showed up, he more than once said if the kids paid him $300 bucks or half their soon-to-be fines, he would call off the warden and they could continue to hunt.  They calmly, said, "we're good."  Is that extortion?  Pretty much the definition if you look it up, and that is not legal either.

I'm not exactly sure where this altercation took place in North Dakota but I have a pretty good idea.  The Game Warden mentions the States Attorney's name Ashley L. Lies who is the DA of Eddy County.  Pretty good bet this took place somewhere around New Rockford, North Dakota.

I'll let you see what happens from here and make up your own mind about the situation.  Please keep this in mind.  VERY STRONG LANGUAGE.  Not suitable for children or work.  Again, this altercation is pretty disturbing.

To skip ahead to the altercation fast forward the video to 2:47.

Video courtesy of Jacob Sweere YouTube Channel.


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