How well do you know Bismarck? I thought I knew Bismarck until the other day when I heard of a town just right outside of Bismarck called Arnold, North Dakota. It's just a few minutes right outside of Bismarck, ND and doesn't seem to have much there. We all know about Bismarck, Lincoln and Mandan but I've never heard of Arnold, ND.

I first found out about it from an ad that someone had for sale. Even though Bismarck is a small town there's still some things around here that most people don't know about. How well do you know Bismarck and the surrounding areas. I'm sure each year all of us learn new things about this area. What's crazy is some of us have lived here our whole lives and are still learning new things.

I'm going to have to take my motorcycle to this town and check it out, I'm sure there's only a few people that live there. But, it would be cool to see as I like finding out towns and seeing how much of them are still left. It's crazy if you look at an old Atlas Roadmap and see all these old towns and now days there's nothing left of the town.

Have you been to an old town that there's nothing left? If so, where have you been? Have you ever been to Arnold, North Dakota? It would be cool to see what the town was like a hundred years ago.

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