I come from a military family.

My father served in the Army.  My grandfather was in the Navy during World War 2.  I've always deeply appreciated the men and women who have served our county in our nation's military, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

I've always been fascinated by World War 2 especially, and what a scary time that must have been to live in.

Those men and women who fought in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Hawaiian Islands during World War 2 are known as our greatest generation ever.  True American heroes and they deserve to be remembered as a good majority of them have now passed away, including my Grand Pa.

Have you ever wondered which conflicts North Dakotans perished the most over the years?

If I had to guess, I would've said World War 2 because of the magnitude of the conflict.  However, I would've been wrong.  According to the North Dakota Veterans Affairs website, the correct answer is World War 1, not 2.  By more than a 2 to 1 ratio.

Here are the stats broke down from the conflicts over the years:

Overall we've lost 2,596 North Dakotans in the line of battle.  We thank these brave men and women for their service.  We owe all of our freedoms today to these brave souls.

The Top 5 Wars North Dakotans have perished in include:

World War 1: 1,499 North Dakotans died.

World War 2:  606 North Dakotans died.

Vietnam War:  202 North Dakotans died.

Korean War: 177 North Dakotans died.

Iraq: 15 North Dakotans died.

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