Gun violence and mass shootings, it's top of mind right now since the school shootings in Florida. It seems the country has become immune to the amount of lives lost through the senseless shootings.

The debate over guns, ownership of guns and mental health will continue. I know the answer is not easy. This article is not about the debate or the solution to the problem.

24/7 Wall St. recently published the states with the most and the least gun violence in the country. They studied data on gun violence from every state with the help from information provided by the Center for Disease Control. The CDC is the organization that tracks the deaths from guns in every state.

Their finding show a majority of the most violent states are in the south. Deaths from guns in this survey include homicides, accidents, and suicides

New York, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey and Massachusetts were the safest states, or, the states with the least death per year due to guns.

The most dangerous states were Alaska, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma were at the top of the list.

North Dakota ranked # 30 with a total of 90 deaths in the state in 2016, and the violent crime rate is 251.1 per 100,000, which is the 13th lowest in the nation.




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