Did you know the pavement can sometimes be at least 60 degrees warmer than the actually air temperature?  That's according to an article on the KX News website.  If you have an outside kennel on pavement blocks like I do, you should consider keeping you pet inside if at all possible.  Temperatures like that can even burn your pets feet.

We have nothing but mid 90's in the forecast for the next 5 days as we are officially in a heat wave here in Bismarck Mandan.  In the article it went on to say that you should go as far to only walk your dog on grass or shaded areas.  According to Insider.com high temperatures can lead to heat stroke for our furry friends and lead to a life threatening situation.  Even activities outdoors during 90 degree weather is not advisable.  Instead walk your dogs early in the morning or when the temperatures cool in the evening.

Some other tips from the article from Insider.com.  Never apply sunscreen or insect repellent to your pets.  Yes, your pet is susceptible to bugs bites and even sunburn, but most of those products made for humans are harmful if swallowed.  Safe, to say that pets are going to lick themselves.  This can lead to a very sick puppy or even worse.  Like humans, pets are very prone to dehydration.  Make sure they have plenty of water if they're outside at all during the heat.  Dogs need to drink up to an ounce of water for every pound of body weight.  Don't wait for your pet to ask or beg for water.  Have it readily available during warm temperatures.

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