Mid-summer has hit and so have the temps! The rising mercury at times can make us sweat just thinking about it before we even walk out the door. We know this first hand, heck we waited until just the other day to finally put our window air conditioner in the bedroom of the cabin. We were proud of ourselves for saving nearly $200 bucks on the electric bill... but then when we heard the upper 90s were now in the long-term forecast, both of us looked at one another and said - No Way! Sleep was more important... The AC is now turned on!

But just thinking about how fast our cabin heats up in the 90+ degree temps reminded us again of how fast, a blink really, that the truck turns into an oven. You're sweating now just reading this too, we feel your pain!

To help with some of that discomfort, protect your valuables as nothing is cheap anymore, or to keep your loved ones safe; we got your back and have curated our own list of things to be sure to NOT leave in a North Dakota vehicle during the summer heat.

Dogs or ANY Pets 

Tigger and BEC, Hot Vehicle, Dogs, Border Collie, Cattle Dogs, Heat
Tigger & BEC

Did you know that North Dakota actually has a century code on this topic?! The North Dakota Century Code (36-21.2-12) states an individual may not leave an animal unattended in a motor vehicle without ensuring that the animal's health and safety is not endangered, and a law enforcement officer may use reasonable means to enter a motor vehicle and remove an animal left in violation of this section. Lastly, an individual who violates this section is guilty of an infraction. So PLEASE just do not leave your animals, we understand at times you may have an anxious pet that just wants to ride along... If doing so, regardless if it's summer or winter, plan to take them with you!



Tigger and BEC, Hot Vehicle
Stella de Smit, Unsplash

The heat actually changes the composition of the beverage. The beer can spoil faster when left in extreme heat, for example, a hot car in 100-degree heat.


Chapstick or Lip Balm 

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Erik Mclean, unsplash

Live and learn lessons here! We all know how important it is to keep those lips moisturized and protected from harmful UV rays; leave the Burt's Bees, chapstick, lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, etc... in your vehicle and plan to toss that melted mess!

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Jaye Haych on unsplash


One of our favorite sandwich spreads and dipping sauces are Mayo, Hellmann's Mayonnaise, or BEC's favorite Miracle Whip; might actually harm you if left out in the heat. BEWARE this wonderful condiment is often used in some of our most favorite summer salads too, hence the extra precaution. According to the USDA Food Safety division, this is one item that needs to be kept refrigerated!

Kids & Babies

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Nothing to be said here but... Always double-check your ride this summer and BE SAFE and leave nothing behind!

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