There's a company that wants to pay somebody a $1,000 bucks this summer to explore the Peace Garden State and share your photos.

They'll even give you an extra $1,000 bucks to buy a new phone to make sure your pictures are better than my iPhone 6 currently takes.  What can I say, I'm a poor dj.

The name of the company is 

They are looking for someone to be their CAO (Chief Adventure Officer) for this summer.  Sounds like a fun job to me.  Hmmm, where to explore in North Dakota.  Medora?  The Badlands sounds fun to me.  Turtle Mountains and the Peace Gardens would be a good adventure.  Lake Sakakawea can be breathtaking.  Devils Lake is one of my favorite places in the summer.  The Sheyenne River valley is gorgeous.  The Missouri River south of Bismarck all the way to Lake Oahe is very scenic.  Plenty of picturesque possibilities in North Dakota.

The Chief Adventure Officer will receive a new smartphone of their choice to document their adventure, in addition to $1,000 in cash and a $500 reimbursement for expenses like travel, food, park fees, and outdoor gear needed to complete the task!  This way, you can make your adventuring as comfortable as possible, and leave the hardcore surviving to Bear Grylls. They don’t expect National-Geographic level photography either!

If you’re the type of person that stays behind to snap the perfect phone pic of your view or even simply enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, you’re perfect to apply for the job!

If your interested, simply CLICK HERE to apply.

Applications are open now until 5:00 PM PST on Friday, May 21st, 2021.

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