Could fireworks be allowed in the city limits of Bismarck in time for 4th of July?  Well, it's a possibility.  It's on the agenda for tonight's Bismarck city commission meeting.  Leaders will discuss allowing fireworks to be lit inside the city limits on July 3rd and July 4th each year.   Both Mandan and Lincoln currently allow fireworks inside their city limits.

Growing up in Grand Forks, ND I fondly remember "blowing" things up with fireworks.  Ant hills, pop cans, bottles, somebody's front door?  Okay, maybe not the latter, but we no doubt got into some trouble with fireworks.  I do remember bottle rocket wars with friends that resembled D-Day.  Okay, maybe I'm not making a good case for allowing fireworks in the city of Bismarck.  I remember some spectacular fireworks shows that my Dad put on in the backyard, that seemed to rival the cities big show.  At least in my mind anyway.  Going to the fireworks stand was one of the most exciting times of the whole year next to Christmas for a young boy.  However, somewhere along the way, the city decided to outlaw fireworks inside the city limits.  We could still go and have fun outside city limits, but not the same.  There's something about being able to shoot fireworks off in your own backyard.

The mayor of Bismarck Steve Bakken is a fan as well.  He said in a recent phone call, "He would like to align fireworks ordinances with Mandan & Lincoln, where residents could celebrate their patriotism inside the city limits of Bismarck."

Well, see if this idea stays "lit" tonight.

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