The city of Bismarck has decided NOT to allow fireworks to be shot off inside city limits this year.  The Bismarck City Commission has had talks on this subject for the last month.  However, Mayor Steve Bakken is on the record, saying that he's in favor of allowing fireworks inside the city limits.  He would like to see a similar ordinance, like they have in Mandan and Lincoln.

After a phone conversation with Mayor Bakken today, he said they will be collecting data from other communities and look to implement a new ordinance allowing fireworks to be shot off in the city limits possibly in 2021.

In a previous post on the US 103-3 facebook page, this was a highly debated topic.  There were people on both sides of the fence on the subject, but it appeared the majority favored fireworks to be allowed to be shot off inside the city limits of Bismarck.

It may come down to a vote in the future.  Mayor Bakken told me on our phone conversation, that he may ask voters to determine the outcome.  If that were the case, it would be really interesting to see how it would go?  Something tells me it would pass.  People from both Mandan and Lincoln would like to see it pass.  As Bismarck residents tend to flood these two cities over the 4th to light off their fireworks.

So, it looks like a "dud" for fireworks inside the city limits of Bismarck in 2020.  Something tells me 2021 is going to be much better year.


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