Something completely unimaginable happened to a family with Bismarck ties over the Labor Day weekend to a California family.

According to a Go Fund Me Page, the accident happened on September 5th, 2022.  Mathias and Courtney Bitz were involved in a terrible car accident with their three young children.  The family was traveling over the holiday weekend when their van was rear-ended by multiple vehicles.  Apparently, traffic came to a sudden stop on a stretch of the California highway.  The father, Mathias was able to stop in time before rear-ending the car in front of him, but multiple vehicles behind the Bitz family were not able to.

All five of the Bitz family members are currently at the same hospital in Sacramento, California.  Cooper aged 5 had the most serious injury and is fighting for his life on life support as a result of a very serious brain injury.  Doctors are running out of options, and your prayers are desperately needed.  The Bitz's other children Winnie aged 9 and Teagan 3 years old also have very extensive and serious injuries, but not life-threatening.

Both Mathias and Courtney Bitz are former Bismarck residents and attended Bismarck High School.  They are both okay after the accident but understandably very shaken.

According to family members, if you would like to help the Bitz family your prayers are encouraged.  You can also donate money to help the family with their enormous medical bills by going to their Go Fund Me page.

At the time of this article over $205,000 dollars has been raised for the family with a goal of $250,000.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Bitz family and their precious children.



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