Do you think that the price of real estate in the Bismarck-Mandan area is expensive? I've been saying for years that the price of real estate in the local area has really gone up a lot. It makes it hard for the younger generation to be able to buy a house on their own with the current market. It's crazy how much all of the real estates has gone up in the past ten years.

I have friends that live out of state and when they come here and look at the real estate prices they are in total shock. The prices are expensive here and it might take a long time for them to go down. The housing market is a buyer’s market right now as the interest rate is really low. I think many people like the low-interest rate and that's why they are selling houses like crazy.

How can we get the prices to be within reason? I think the price of real estate in the local area makes it difficult for younger people to afford to buy without help or without someone renting from them. Hopefully in the next few years, the prices will lower and things will get better for everyone. Time will tell but the interest rates might not be as low as it is now. Do you think the price of real estate is expensive here? Do you hope the price of realestate goes down in the next few years?


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