More civil unrest in the Minneapolis, Minnesota downtown area.  Wednesday night a group of looters damaged a Target located in Nicolette Mall.  If you haven't seen the video yet...Here it is.  WARNING:  This video is disturbing with some mild language.


According to an article on WCCO looting began in downtown Minneapolis and spread the Nicolette Mall area. Target was one of several stores targeted by looters. The Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey issued another curfew for the city last night. The city of St. Paul followed suit. In the article the Mayor of Minneapolis went on to say, "“Every person in every neighborhood in our entire city deserves to feel safe,” Frey said. “What transpired yesterday does not bring us closer to safety, it does not bring us closer to advancing racial justice in the way we all want.”

The Mayor went on to say that lawlessness will no longer be tolerated in the city of Minneapolis. It's reported that about 50 people were arrested overnight on Wednesday night. The National Guard was called in on Thursday to restore order in the city and armed guards were posted throughout downtown.

We've been fortunate in Bismarck Mandan. We haven't seen the violence that has plagued the Twin Cities, Wisconsin and so many other cities across the country. Portland, Oregon has had civil unrest for nearly every night since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Even Fargo, North Dakota had a night of riots. It's times like these that I'm glad that I live in a place like Bismarck where you can still feel safe at night with your family. Let's hope it stays that way and we get this figured out as a country. Reform is needed, but rioting is not reform.



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