You think you did a good thing by taking dad to Rib Fest? Big whooping deal! I did some research and dads are lucky if they get a card for Fathers Day. As a matter of fact, according to The National Retail Foundation, 61% of dads will get a card this year compared to over 80% of moms getting a card! REALLY? Why is that?  Here are some more interesting facts on how dads get screwed on Father's Day according to NRT;

Looks like we'll spend  $113.80 this Father’s Day, down slightly from $119.84 last year.

Justin Sullivan /Getty Images

Oh but wait,  For Mothers Day, we spent an average of $162.94, also down slightly from 2013. Even though that figure is down, why do we still think it's necessary to spend more for mothers compared to fathers? Some other reports have a slightly higher cost for Fathers Day, some have less, but still, why is it we think it's alright to short change dad? It is because dads are harder to shop for? Or is it because, dad really don't give a flip what they get, just as long as it keeps peace in the house?

Remember, without dads, there would not be moms! Think about it! Share with us your thoughts?