Let's talk about today, Sunday, June 16th- Father's Day.

I write this to all that may be stressing out, those who feel that buying your dad a materialistic item, maybe a golf club, or something you know that he will probably love, is the ONLY way to go. The problem is, of course, money. You may be one who's been laid off and has been doing the best job you can on limited funds, PLEASE don't add more burden on your shoulders, for I can tell you this, your father loves you and simple easy things can be done that will show your love for him a trillion times more.

Here are some ideas that can make your dad's special day perfect...

...plus you can leave your beat-up savings account alone. Take some of your favorite pictures you have collected, with your dad, family members, and vacation shots and sort them out for a special photo album ( nowadays, those photos are in your computer, so that album will be easy to assemble )

Have his favorite movie ready for after dinner, a few sidebar items at his reach - snacks, beverages.

The most important thing without a doubt, is to take some time on your own to write down a list, of everything your father means to you. Life goes by so fast, we may miss crucial times when our real feelings come out, and when they are gone we will never have that opportunity again.

There are so many great things you can do that are simple and free, and in my opinion more effective. I lost my dad just about 4 and a half years ago- there is not a day that goes by that I don't wish I could have just one more hour with him. I hope that when he took his last breath he knew that I loved him, and always will.

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