I need to do a better job with my money.

One of my New Year's Resolutions in 2023, besides hitting the gym more is to do a better job with my finances.  It's time for me to grow up a little bit and start planning for the future.  It's something I should've done a long time ago.

In full disclosure, I've never been that good with my money. 

Yes, I'm doing some things right, but ignoring other aspects as well.  Putting my head in the sand so to speak, or just hoping things turn out all right.  "Winging it" if you will, but as you know that is not a financial plan.

Instead of algebra, I should've been learning how to manage money.

I really wish classes like "personal finance" would've been taught in high school when I went to school.  Kids today are so much better off coming out of high school than when I went.  My son, who just graduated and will be starting his freshman year at the University of Mary has a very good understanding of finances, the importance of saving money, the stock market, 401K's, IRA's and so many more topics that I did not have a clue on when I graduated.  In fact, I would not be surprised at all if my son ends up a financial advisor.

I ran across an article on Go BankingRates that listed how much money you need to make in each state to be considered middle class.  Some of these numbers surprised me a bit.  If you are a 2-person family in North Dakota you will need to make $51,942 to $155,050.  If you are a 3-person family you will need to make $58,328 to $174,114.  If you are a 4-person family you will need to make $69,738 to $208,174.


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