Things have gotten out of control concerning COVID-19 in North Dakota.  Not only with our numbers, (which thankfully improved today) but with the paranoia and fear that is being spread throughout the state.  Mask Mandates, that seem to get everybody as nervous as a cat in a room full of rockin' chairs.

I don't really care what side of the mask controversary you're on, people need to stop spreading fear.  Our coronavirus numbers in the state of North Dakota a couple days ago were off the charts.  Here's Monday's numbers from the North Dakota Board of Health.

Numbers were much better for Burleigh County today.  Same for the rest of the state with the exception of Cass County and the city of Fargo.  Should give plenty of momentum for their Mask Mandate.  Here's today's numbers from the North Dakota Board of Health.




As you can see, the numbers are down significantly in Burleigh County. The Daily Positivity Rate is way down, and not near 20% like yesterday.  That's good news.  I've made the comment to several of my co-workers, "It's beginning to have an April kind of feel to it."  So much uncertainty, with our schools, school sports and even our jobs again.  Businesses are being asked to scale back again, and that means less dollars coming in and jobs lost.  Certainly not going to help our local economy.

I read a post from a local nurse yesterday saying, "Do we want to slow the spread or prolong it?"  That really hits home to me.  Yes, we need to isolate the most at risk.  However, for the majority of us, we need to live our lives and do our best to be safe.  Paranoia is spiraling out of control in Bismarck Mandan.  I can't tell you how many calls and texts I've received.  Is Bismarck going Red?  Is the city close to a shutdown?  Will school sports be cancelled?  All I can say, we should really help SLOWWWW the spread of paranoia and political propaganda first, if we want to keep our kids in school, sports and the economy alive.

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