Winter just keeps hangin' on like a cold sore this year.

You can say what you want about that rodent we call "Punxsutawney Phil" and his yearly predictions, but it seems like he is spot on this year.  A few weeks ago the groundhog called for an extended winter and he's been spot on this year.

So, how about North Dakotans when it comes to our favorite season?

I know mine.  In fact, I'm going to rank our North Dakota seasons for you, according to me.  Then, I'll get to Breck's findings.

My favorite season without a doubt is FALL.

I LOVE to fish and hunt and fall brings you the best of both.  Some of the best fishing of the season and the smell of gun powder always gets me going too.  Besides hunting and fishing, I love the fall colors.  The yellows, oranges, and reds always make my day.  I also love the cooler weather after a warm summer.

My second favorite season is SUMMER which I'm guessing is most people's favorite in North Dakota.  Barbeques, bonfires, and beach time.  You can bet I'll be doing my fair share of fishing too and spending as much time as I can at my lake cabin.

My third favorite season is SPRING.  Warmer days and working in the yard getting my green thumb on (which needs some work by the way).  Open water fishing on the Missouri River is one of the things I look forward to.

My fourth favorite season is WINTER.  Unlike a lot of North Dakotans, I do not dislike winter most.  I'm not a fan of extended periods of 20 below temperatures or most of all the wind.  Other than that I like snow and I don't even mind shoveling and snow blowing.

That's me, how about you?  Our friends at Brek's looked at Google Trends search data over the last 5 years to find the most popular season in each state.

Spring is the most popular season in North Dakota.  

SPRING is the most popular season in North Dakota according to their research.  Again, I know people hate winter and look forward to spring every year, but I still say summer is the most popular season in North Dakota.

Our neighboring states all agree with spring as well.  South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana also like spring the most.  Here's what it looks like for the rest of the country.  One thing I think we can all agree on is that we hope spring comes soon.  Winter has worn out its welcome.



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