Bismarck State College announced Tuesday, June 23rd (TODAY) they will be holding classes in the Fall of 2020.  According to an article on KFYR-TV BSC President Larry Skogen says the college will be putting brand new measures in place.  They  include hybrid classes to minimize students in classrooms, entrance check-in points, faculty training, socially distanced seating arrangements in gathering areas, and enhanced cleaning.

In the event of an outbreak, Bismarck State College does have "isolation plans" in place to handle the situation.

Bismarck State College has been fully operational with virtual classes since mid-March.

As a parent with a son who attends public school here in Bismarck, I'm hoping this is a sign that classes will be on as planned for K-12 as well.  There has still been no announcement on classes this Fall with Bismarck Public Schools.  I know it's getting some of us parents a bit anxious.  Different scenarios have been discussed but nothing has been finalized.  Situations with a "staggered" class schedule or a "hybrid" class schedule seem to make the most sense.  There's been talk about kids going to school in person 2 or 3 times a week and on-line classes the rest of the week.  This would more than likely just be for middle school and high school.  It seems unlikely children in elementary would do on-line classes, as it would be an extreme burden for parents with jobs.  Let's hope for good news soon from BPS.

For more information on the return to classes at Bismarck State College go to CLICK HERE.



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