I almost gave a panic attack to a fellow employee back in September

We have a system here at work, if any one of us sees a potential story we want to write about on our station's app and web page, calling out "DIBS" through an e-mail will keep someone else from writing about the same thing - So that's exactly what I did - "DIBS-The Little Cottage Cafe" - that was all I wrote - for a brief couple of minutes after Scott McGowan ( from Cool 98.7 ) opened up and saw my message, his first thought was "Oh NO, NOT the Little Cottage Cafe!!!!" - one of his favorite places to eat in all of Bismarck and Mandan. He thought bad news was coming.

Sadly it is understandable to think someone would think the worse lately

After all the businesses and restaurants recently that have closed permanently, when someone mentions that a post has been made on their social media page, our first thoughts are of what seems to be the sad trend lately. One of the unfortunate reasons has been a lack of employees. So when the Little Cottage Cafe put out a post on their Facebook Page 4 months ago, I'm quite sure there were many people who were afraid to read it.

A smart, genuine message to their faithful customers

This was such a heartfelt post to read, the owners of the Little Cottage Cafe decided to let us all in on what goes on inside the kitchen, and real-life issues that come up that can alter a normal schedule - for the time being. Taking care of Bismarck for 26 years and putting their pride, commitment, and heart and soul into their job. So in this post, I believe they accomplished 100% of their goal, to let us know that they plan on taking care of us for quite some time - and that's something we have been thirsting for  - Great News!

We are now days away from another Christmas, and clearly, the Little Cottage Cafe continues to adapt to the challenges of restaurant life and stays committed to its customers, by being 100%  honest and open, and for me that says it all.

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