I was a collector growing up as a boy.  I collected, stamps, baseball, football, and hockey cards.  Comic books and yes BEER CANS!  This was before the era of smartphones so we had to find other ways to keep ourselves entertained.

One of my most prized collections growing up was my beer can collection.  Much to the chagrin of my mother, who wasn't thrilled about a middle school kid with a bunch of alcohol cans in his bedroom.

You might be wondering how I accumulated all of these cans.  I did it the old fashion way.  I would go down to the parks and dig through the garbage.  People were always drinking down there.  My friends and I would even dumpster-dive at the apartment complexes.  That also spawned another collection (Playboys Magazines), that thankfully my mother never found out about.

My beer and Playboy collections are long gone but I have to admit, I would still love to start a beer can collection or just beer memorabilia in general.  I love those neon lights, and I would love to see a collection of Schmidt Sport packs again.

Troy Portra
Troy Portra

If you're like me, this weekend is your chance to see something pretty cool.  I know I checked it out last year and it was something to see.  The Dakota Chapter Beer Memorabilia show is this Saturday at the Bismarck Eagles Club at 313 North 26th Street from 9 am to 4 pm.  Beer Lights, Beer Signs & Beer Cans.  You can buy, sell, swap and trade.  The show is open to the public.  For more information reach out to Dale Vincent at 701-220-1930 or Aric Lee at 701-721-5326.



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