In my opinion, in life, it's the effort you put forth that makes it all worthwhile

This is a story about an ambitious group of people who had a dream, a goal to live life to the fullest, and bring major enjoyment to Bismarck and Mandan. I first wrote an article about Capital Acres back in the summer. Hannah Hayes and her friend/partner Noah Harvey had put their heads together and were planning on setting this spring as the launch date for an enthusiastic adventure - a wedding venue to be named Capital Acres. They had the site all picked out, and were headed full steam ahead. "...we are so excited to announce that Caroline and I, along with our partner Noah Harvey will be opening Capital Acres this coming spring 2023. Capital Acres is Bismarck's newest premier event venue only fifteen minutes from downtown Bismarck. This space can hold over 500 guests!"

Some unforeseen situations can throw a major curveball at you

This made me sad when I saw this post yesterday on Capital Acres Facebook page:

"With much sadness we regret to inform the community that we cannot move forward with Capital Acres. Our team proceeded with all due diligence and was informed three days before our closing date that conflicting county regulations would make the business nearly impossible. We were ready for the remodel to begin on the property in early September and had secured necessary financing"

I can only imagine the pain and frustration they are going through, to come so close and have it end this way is just another rotten part of life sometimes. I HOPE this group does not beat themselves up over this and will rebound into something glorious for all of us!


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