Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced on Tuesday night he is ready to re-open the casinos in Nevada according to an article on KFYR-TV.  I'm just guessing you can probably get some pretty cheap flights to begin with.  I checked esky and found a round trip flight from Bismarck to Las Vegas for $308.  Not huge bargain, then again, that was only website I checked.  At least tickets are available.

I actually have several friends who have been going through withdrawals not getting their gambling fix.  I  myself enjoy Vegas, but do not make enough money as a radio announcer to afford to gamble.  I pretty much have a $20 dollar limit each day I'm there, and if I lose it right away?  It's off to the pool or bar.

So even though Governor Sisolak is re-opening the casinos to the entire country, he is warning that if spikes occur again, he will shut them down again.  In the article he said steps will be in place to make the experience as safe as possible.  There will be new rules on social distancing and sanitizing.  I would also expect a limited number of people being allowed in each casino.

The Governor of Nevada has been at the center of the COVID-19 controversy.  Not only from closing the casinos, but he was concerned he was exposed to the coronavirus himself.  He had a worker on his staff test positive for the virus, but has since been cleared.

So get your friends together and of course your cash, and go ahead and book that Vegas vacation.  The odds might just be in your favor.

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