The Bismarck Larks reached out to us at US 103-3 & COOL 98.7 a couple months back, wondering if Rick Rider (Me) and Steve Bakken were interested in being a part of their Media Bobblehead Bracket Challenge?  (UPDATE, Rick Rider has moved on to the FINAL FOUR!  Thanks for your votes.)

I can seriously tell you, I have NEVER considered the thought of my mug on a bobblehead doll.  For one, I see some serious complications with my spikey hair and how that would affect the aerodynamics of the doll.

Well, I have no shame, so I ask for your vote this week to help get me Rockin' Rick Rider on a Bismarck Larks Bobblehead Doll.  You can cast your vote when you CLICK HERE!  When you click the link, you'll see a bracket below.  You are allowed to vote (4) times each week.  Here's a secret for you to get around the system.  You can cast all 4 of your votes in one session, and forget about after that.  Not trying to convince you to participate in voting fraud, but I couldn't help but share.  Voting is open now until this Sunday, March 7th at 11:59 pm.  If I make it to the next round, you can vote all over for me again next week in the finals.

I had the pleasure of throwing out the first pitch at a Bismarck Larks game last year.  I believe I broke the radar gun, because that smoke I was throwing didn't even register on the gun.  Okay, maybe it was so slow it didn't even register, but it was still a strike from the actual pitching rubber, so I should get some cred for that right?

The Bismarck Larks say this is a fun twist on the traditional "March Madness" we all enjoy so much every year.

Again, simply click the link below to vote for Rockin' Rick Rider.

CLICK HERE and click the "VOTE NOW" text after you've been directed to the Bismarck Larks website.

Bismarck Larks
Bismarck Larks


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