According to an article on Zippia, "The Career Expert" Bismarck is one of the top mid-sized cities in the country to start your career.  In fact, we come in at #3 in the nation only behind Urbandale, Iowa and Bentonville, Arkansas at #1.  No other city in North Dakota made the top 10.

"These 10 cities offer great job opportunities, strong pay, and reasonable costs of living- making them the perfect place to launch your career" according to the Zippia article.  So what was the formula Zippa used to come up with their top 10?  They examined 800 mid-sized cities across the country and based their study on unemployment, average rent & median income.  Zippa defined a mid-sized city with a working population from 25,000 to 150,000 people.  Bismarck came in at number one for the state of North Dakota and was chosen for this article.

So why should young professionals  consider starting their career in Bismarck, North Dakota?  In the article it mentions that  Bismarck is a great place to start your career for several reasons.   Including, very low unemployment, which means it will be easier to get another job when the time comes.  Rent is relatively low as well in Bismarck.  Bismarck also has a thriving craft beer scene, great restaurants and world class nature close to the city according to the article.  If you like the outdoors, Bismarck is arguably the best city not only in North Dakota but one of the best in the country.  We have the Missouri River, the big lake, tremendous fishing close to home, and when it comes to hunting, we're pretty much second to none.  The only downfall to Bismarck in the article is your earnings could be a bit on the low side to begin with.  However, with how affordable Bismarck is, you'll be able to start paying off those student loans faster than you think.



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