It's so easy to fall for false information, OR to try and make something MORE than what it really is

Someone may ask a question through a social media group page and the next thing you know it gets twisted around by mistake, and people would honestly read into it more than it was. For instance, just today I read on the Bismarck People Reporting News Group Facebook page that someone was asking anyone if they knew why the Little Cottage Cafe was closed - they also answered their own question, kind of - by saying is it just for today ( Tuesday ) - the answer to that was way back on September 21st when I wrote a story about a post that the Cafe had on their FB page the day before letting everyone know they were going to close on Tuesdays "...please bear with us as we continue to remain closed on Tuesdays in order to provide our employees a guaranteed day off!!" Here is hoping that I calmed some worried souls out there. I understand the frustrations that business owners go through, they want to be consistent, and they have their goals, but keeping a full staff can be brutal lately.

So the same situation has happened here...

B & H Daylight Donuts ( 820 43rd Ave NE Suite 100 ) just yesterday posted a sincere message to their customers on Facebook..."Good Day all, we have decided once again to close on Tuesdays. I would prefer not to but there are three reasons which made it the best decision. First is the lack of employees on both day and night shifts, second is due to the lack of employees, I am having difficulty maintaining the constant 16hr days for the past 6 months which has taken a toll on me, and the third reason is Tuesdays are the lowest sales day..." I have met the owner here at our radio station, he is one of the most honest, hard-working people you will ever meet. ALL he wants to do is take care of and serve BisMan. So for all of us that can recognize just how insanely difficult it is to run your own business, let's do our best to adapt to their schedule and support them as best we can.


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