They say that there is nothing scarier than watching a "Halloween" movie, seeing that Michael Myers fellow creeping along holding a knife

Well to that I say "Pish-Posh" (  Does that make sense?) " I have been haunted for years of awful memories of Christmas at my grandmother's house. All the relatives begin to show up, tons of food on the table, and then like slow-motion, the horror begins. Someone plops down ( with a dreadful loud thud ) a fruit cake. I gasped at the sight and still shudder to this day. I wonder what exactly is wrong with those that carve off a huge piece and being to devour it. So, does anyone feel the same way?

Social Media proved that I am not alone in my holiday hatred

Just a couple of days ago, I wanted to find out for myself if others shared my same disdain for the putrid fruit cake. I asked all of those that surf our radio station's websites and my own personal Facebook page what their Christmas traditions were. I took small polls around town. Heck, I asked the tellers at Gate City Bank, the friendly cashiers, and other store employees at Dan's Supermarkets ( Three different ones ), I even hit up my mailman - the consensus is as follows: about 98.9 % wouldn't eat a piece if it was the last food item on earth. Several had their theories - that the mangled little pieces were just old unwanted dried-up fruit. Others were convinced this awfulness was invented as means of torture, to serve prisoners during wartime.

Listen my intent is not to be a scrooge, to the very few who LIKE fruit cake, PLEASE do what you can to rid the rest of us of the hideous sight

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