While all of our States may be United, there are massive differences found in all fifty.  Most likely the largest differences can be found in comparing North Dakota and California.  Geographically and politically, we are miles apart.

But a million dollars is still a million dollars yes?

So you're on the hunt for a home that's new to you. You've got about a million dollars to spend on the perfect home.  That seems like a pretty penny to spend on housing.  Will there be a noticeable difference in how much home your million will get you in North Dakota versus California?

It's not too surprising that North Dakota rules in sheer square footage

But is square footage always going to be a positive primary consideration? Sure if you have a Brady Bunch size family and don't want to be tripping over your kids, space may be on the top of your list. But in North Dakota, where your furnace is humming for half the year, do you want to pay a monthly fortune to heat your home?

You'll pay more to cool your home in California.  Or will you?

I have west coast relatives that refuse to visit North Dakota in the summer because it's just too darn hot!  I would have to agree that July/August and December/January can really inflate energy bills in North Dakota.  So is more always going to be better?

In this short series, we'll peek at million-dollar homes currently on the market today.

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