According to a press release from the North Dakota's Women Network, several groups, including ACLU North Dakota, ERA Now, North Dakota WIN Fund, North Dakota Women's Network, Planned Parenthood North Central States, Prairie Action North Dakota, and the Red River Women's Clinic have joined with activists across the state for a series of rallies this Saturday.

The Bans Off Our Bodies rallies are a national day of action to demonstrate deep support for access to safe, legal abortion care.

This is all due to a leaked published draft back on Monday, May 2nd by Politico.  The Supreme Court majority opinion in Dobbs vs Jackson Women's Health Organization that explicitly overturns Roe vs Wade.  This is an unprecedented leak from the court that if true would reverse nearly 50 years of legal abortion and explicitly end federal constitutional protections for abortion.

North Dakota is one of 26 states that could move quickly to ban abortion.  Why?  We have a trigger ban which means abortion could be illegal in the state of North Dakota if the Supreme Court stands by its draft opinion and overturns the legendary Roe vs Wade decision going all the way back to 1973.  Millions of people might live without local access to abortion if this becomes reality.

The Bans Off Our Bodies rallies will be held on Saturday, May 14th nationwide, including in all four corners of North Dakota.  The groups hope to send a clear message that the majority of this country supports abortion and that abortion access must be protected.

North Dakota Women's Network
North Dakota Women's Network

The North Dakota Rallies will be held in the following locations:


10 a.m. to Noon

North Dakota State Capitol

600 E Boulevard Ave



6:00 PM

Fargo City Hall

200 3rd St N


Grand Forks

10 a.m. to Noon

Independence Park

900 5th Avenue South



10 a.m. to Noon

Oak Park Shelter 9

1300 4th Ave NW


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