According to the Arthur's Barn Dance Facebook Page, they have decided to cancel all barn dances until further notice. This is all due to the increase in Covid-19 cases. The barn dance is in Arthur, North Dakota and has been there for many years.

The great thing about the barn dance is that everyone comes there to dance no matter what their dancing skill level is. The barn dance is located about 200 miles from Bismarck, ND. The barn dance was something I always looked forward to because there was always someone new to meet. I've met a lot of great people there from all over the country.

Arthurs barn has a live band and always has good music. People of all ages came to the Arthurs Barn to dance. It was also really cool seeing everyone at the barn dance line dancing. The old barn burned down but they have since built a new one. Many people, myself included, are really missing the barn dance and all the great people there.

The barn dance is located right outside the town of Arthur, North Dakota. A lot of people come to Arthur, ND the night of the barn dance. On any given barn dance they have about 300-600 people at the barn. Many people have met their significiant other at the barn dance. Many people go to the dance once and keep coming back because they are a lot of fun. For additional information you can go to Arthur's Barn facebook page.


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