This past Monday, July 13th Menards began requiring all of their customers to wear masks or face coverings when entering their store.  Now, Walmart and Sams club will mandate that all of their customers wear masks.  Not only in Bismarck, but nationwide according to an article in USA Today.

Sams and Walmart will start this new initiative on Monday, July 20th.  The company made this announcement earlier today.  The reason for the face coverings is for the health and safety of their associates, members and customers.  As numbers of confirmed cases continue to spike across the country, you can bet more businesses will impose these new restrictions before entering their business.

Well, you can add another one to the list of things you should NOT speak about at the dinner table.  Religion, politics, vaccinations,  COVID-19 and SHOULD YOU BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK in public?  Tough to find a bigger hot button topic right now.  You need to look no farther than any social media platform.  You could spend hours arguing with people on the subject.  You're either on one side or the other.  It's a very polarizing topic.

I'm going to leave my thoughts on the subject alone for the time being.  Those who know me, know how I really feel about it.  However, in this new normal world that we now live in, (I HATE that saying) If a business wants to impose these restrictions...It's absolutely their right.  Just like it's your right to try to find another business that doesn't require a mask.  Although, I'm guessing that is going to be more and more difficult if we keep seeing these spikes in cases.  I myself have a mask in my glove compartment in my truck.  I have yet to wear it in public.  In the very near future, If I want groceries, or go to a concert, or go to the hardware store.  I will probably have to break it in.  That's just the reality of the situation like it or not.



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