I hate to be a "Debbie Downer" but we're less than 6 months away from North Dakota's Most Miserable Day.

I know, I know, summer just started a couple of weeks ago officially, and we still have lots of summer-like weather left right?  Not really.  The Meteorological summer actually began on June 1st and ends on August 31st.  To me, summer really begins to fly after the 4th of July and once August hits, summer is truly waning.

I ran across something on Wiki recently that caught my eye. 

The most miserable day for each state, according to a survey of 3,000 people.  The data was also based on the average temperature and precipitation over the course of 25-plus years.

Before I reveal what day is North Dakota's most dreaded, I thought I would share our neighboring state's worst day of the year.  Minnesota's January 8th.  South Dakota's is January 16th.  Montana seems to have a thing against romance because it's February 14th.

Now, the Most Miserable Day of the year for North Dakotans.

We are dreading January 2nd the most.  Yep, the holidays are over, and not much to look forward to in the frozen tundra.  Unless you enjoy ice fishing and shoveling snow, January can be kind of a buzz kill in North Dakota.  Not to mention, that January credit card bill will bring you back to reality after all that holiday shopping.

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I suppose I should get back into snow skiing or something but it's tough to get too excited about January in North Dakota.  In the meantime, slow down summer and enjoy every minute of what's left, because it's sure to fly by.

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