The Friday night storm caused damage around Bismarck and surrounding counties as it rocked through the area.

People are picking up, cleaning up and trying to find items that were not tied down in their yard. Here are some of the official wind speeds from Friday night.

  • Bismarck (near airport) 82 MPH
  • 6 miles N. of Bismarck 79 MPH
  • Watford City   77 MPH
  • Mandan and Lincoln   76 MPH
  • Dickinson 65 MPH
  • 2 miles S. of Mandan  64 MPH
  • Killdeer, New Salem and Huff 60 MPH

Even though some areas experienced flash flooding, the official total amount of rain for Bismarck Friday was 0.87 inches. Obviously, some areas received more. For the official totals through out the state, click here for the National Weather Service totals.

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