The barn dances are back for another year at Arthur's Barn. They usually run during the school year and are for anyone to attend. Many people love going to the barn dances because they are a lot of fun. People go that have never danced before and they usually see how much fun it is and they get out and dance.

The barn dance has line dancing, two skepping, and swing dancing. Arthur's Barn has been having dances for many decades. The barn burned down a few years ago and the current owners rebuilt it. I'm beyond glad that they rebuilt it, I've been going to the barn dance for years and it really is a lot of fun.

There are people that go to the barn dance that have been going for decades. It's fun to see couples that have been going to the Arthur's Barn for years. The barn dance is a long ways from Bismarck, ND but it's well worth the drive. I drive down and back in the same night. It's well worth getting back at 4 to 4:30 in the morning.

The barn has a huge dance floor and it has a balcony that overlooks the dance floor. I took my girlfriend this spring to the barn dance and she really had a lot of fun. Many people from the Bis-Man area don't even know about it. The Arthur's Barn is North of Casselton, ND. I'd recommend going once in your lifetime and maybe you'll be like me and keep going back to the barn.


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