'Twas a couple of nights before Christmas and I thought it would be fun to compare.

Who's colder right now...Alaska or North Dakota?

I think Santa Claus is going to be in for a shock when he and his reindeer cross the border into North Dakota on Christmas Eve because it's colder than a dead witches...well, you get the idea.

Some serious Arctic air has been in place over North Dakota now for a good share of a week, but Alaska has to be a whole lot colder right?  I mean that's the vision we all have when we think of Alaska in the winter right?  Not fit for man or beast?

Well, even the Winter Warlock would be afraid of North Dakota right now.  Let's compare the two states and see who's actually colder.

Current North Dakota temperatures as I type this on December 23rd at 8 am.

Bismarck -14 (Windchill -40)

Dickinson -21

Williston -23

Minot -14

Current Alaska temperatures as I type this on December 23rd at 8 am.

Anchorage 21

Juneau 17

St. Paul Island 35

Adak Island 33

Cold Bay 41 (Not so cold)

Homer 25

Sitka 33

Nome 23

Kodiak 36

Palmer 22

Wasilla 24

Bethel 6

Dillingham 21

Unalaska 39

Savoonga 26

Valdez 26

Fairbanks -28

There you have it.  Only one city that I could find in Alaska is colder than our coldest city in North Dakota.  In fact, Fairbanks is the only major reporting city in Alaska that is even below zero.

So, next time you picture Alaska and brutal winters come to mind, not so fast.  Often times Alaska is far milder in the winter than North Dakota.  Especially coastal cities in Alaska.  Yes, interior Alaska can be pretty frigid.  Case in point, Fairbanks is currently minus 28 but not much worse than our Dickinson, North Dakota at minus 21.  Factor in the windchill and we are certainly colder.

Santa, you better bundle up before you head into the 701 this year.  Merry Christmas everybody.

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