Let's face it, comparatively speaking North Dakota is pretty safe.

If you ever have the chance to walk around certain parts of downtown Minneapolis, Denver, or Los Angeles like I have, you will never feel unsafe in North Dakota again.

However, even in our little corner of the world tragedy can strike.  We don't have to look any further than Fargo and this past summer.  As a gunman took the life of a police officer and wounded two other officers and an innocent bystander.

If it weren't for the heroic actions of the Fargo Police Department this situation could've been a lot worse.  This madman had his killing sites set on a much broader scale in North Dakota that afternoon.

Our friends at WaletHub have come out with their annual list of the safest cities in America for 2023.

North Dakota had not one, but TWO cities to make their list of the top 182 cities in the United States (I'm not sure why they went with the top 182 and didn't just go to 200 but we'll go with it).

Some cities are simply better at protecting their residents from harm in America.

Their criteria and data were based on 41 key indicators of safety.  Data from traffic fatalities per capita and assaults per capita to the unemployment rate and the percentage of the population that is uninsured.

 I am proud to tell you that Bismarck not only made the list but is in the top 20 in America!

That's right, the Capital City came in at #15 in the country.  Pretty impressive.  The only other North Dakota city to make the list was Fargo, North Dakota coming in at #31.

Nashua, New Hampshire was named the safest city in America.

Other notable area cities to make the list include Sioux Falls, South Dakota at #40, Missoula, Montana at #41, Rapid City at #92, Minneapolis, Minnesota at #97, and Billings, Montana at #100.

As always, it's good to be living in the 701 but especially the Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln areas.

I know I'm thankful.

North Dakota's Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities For 2023

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