Trey threw 287 passes in one season WITHOUT AN INTERCEPTION. Let that soak in...

So, when Trey Lance was having his "Pro Day" on Friday, 30 National Football League teams had reps there...there are just a total of 32 NFL teams.  Now, The North Dakota State University Bison do have a high ranking offensive tackle in Dillon Radunz, so many were coming to see the big guy.  Although I bet nobody missed Trey tossing 50 yard dimes to uncovered receivers.

But the kid showed a "wow" factor that had to have ever team's representatives reconsidering where they had an NDSU quarterback on their draft board. Yes, Carson Wentz came from a small FCS conference school and made it to the "bigs".  But he got picked by Philadelphia, an organization and fan base notorious for killing quarterbacks. Don't get me wrong, Carson has a Super Bowl ring, but it ain't exactly the City of Brotherly Love.  False advertising indeed.  Now Carson is off to the Indianapolis Colts and hopefully a more comfortable role with a team that made it to the playoffs with soon-to-retire Phillip Rivers at quarterback.

Back to Trey.

Years ago, before everybody on the internet knew everything about NFL draft standings, there was Mel Kiper.  There was only Mel Kiper, equal to both Siskel and Ebert in his chosen field. Now, with so many hens cackling about the NFL draft, I feel comforted by going back to good old Mel.

Mel Kiper has Trey Lance going with the 9th pick to The New England Patriots!  A team that has been ridiculously busy grabbing offensive free agents since signing opened this week.  If the Patriots trade up to grab the NDSU star, my days of disliking the Patriot's dynasty may be gone as fast as my dislike of Tom Brady.  Dude won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay, all hail the GOAT.

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