According to Espn, NDSU quarterback Trey Lance is skipping spring football and is declaring for the NFL draft. Many people, myself included, are upset to see him go but are happy for him to have another Bison in the NFL. 

Trey Lance played one game this fall against Central Arkansas where the NDSU Bison won. Trey Lance hadn't thrown an interception until the game against Central Arkansas this fall. NDSU will play a spring schedule and it will be interesting who the starting quarterback will be. I'm excited to see the future for Trey Lance and it will be interesting to see what team he goes to. 

Many people think Trey Lance should stay at NDSU one more year due to him only playing one full season at NDSU. Is this the right move to have Trey go to the NFL? I personally think he should stay one more year and develop and my biggest question is how can the scouts tell he's ready after just one year of college football?

NDSU is currently on a 38-game winning streak and is only nine games away from tying the Oklahoma Sooners 47 game winning streak that they had in the 50's. Do you think they will tie or beat the 47-game winning streak? 

There's a lot of buzz going on about NDSU football players kneeling for the national anthem at the game against central Arkansas this past weekend on 10-03-20. This has a lot of people on both sides of the fence on the kneeling issue arguing. 


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