NDSU and Montana Grizzlies had their first game of the season cancelled now they are looking at playing one another for the start of the 2020 football season. This would be awesome if NDSU could play Montana Griz. Follow the link for more information. NDSU had their first game of the season canceled against the Oregon Ducks.

NDSU has been a dynasty since 2011, winning eight championships in the last nine years. They were invited to the White House in March of 2019. They were also invited this year, but are waiting on a rain check from President Donald Trump to attend. This is an honor for the team to be invited and to have the opportunity to go to the White House.

NDSU is currently on a 37 game winning streak and hopefully they are able to get 10 more wins to tie the Oklahoma Sooners for the 47 game winning streak. It's going to be an interesting season depending on if they will allow fans in the stands or not.

It will be another great year to watch Trey Lance. He didn't throw an interception in his whole first year. Many people are excited to see how well he'll do this year. Trey has a great deep ball and is very mobile. I think Trey Lance is going to have another dominant year and I'm excited to see what the future holds for him.

I think it's going to be an interesting year for football all together with Covid-19. Would you like to see NDSU and the Montana Griz play?

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