On our honeymoon, my wife and I had to watch a guy chew his toenails.  It was gross, but not as bad as what passengers had to deal with on a recent American Airlines flight.


Travelers on an American Airlines flight bound for Miami were grossed out after a woman popped her foot blister during the flight. Blood-splattered on two passengers, a book and the plane's walls and windows. Firefighters greeted the plane as soon as it landed and removed the woman and two passengers. The woman was wearing flip flops.

American Airlines released a statement saying, “Due to a medical-related issue that occurred inflight, American requested medical personnel meet American flight 1128 upon its arrival in Miami on Sept. 18. We thank the American crew who took great care of our customers on flight 1128.''

What's the nastiest thing that you have witnessed people do on an airplane or in an airport?  Have you seen anything gross while flying out of the Bismarck Airport or any of the North Dakota Airports?


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