With so many new options when it comes to carriers servicing the Bismarck Airport and holiday travel just about on us, it's time to look at a new survey of the most annoying airplane passengers.

There is really nothing luxurious about travel by air these days. When I fly, I roll with it. There is nothing that can aggravated me. Everything is out of your control so just roll with it. I wish others would take my advice. If you miss a connecting flight or your flight is delayed or canceled, making a scene or yelling at the airline employee working the desk will not make anything better.  When you do such a thing, you're just entertaining people like me that will video tape you with my phone and share it with my readers. My advice, JUST ROLL WITH IT!

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images
Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Expedia released a new survey and it concludes that rude passengers are a pain for all involved!  This is the main finding in Expedia’s second-annual Airplane Etiquette Survey, the study asked 1,000 Americans to rank the most annoying on-board behaviors of fellow passengers.

Coming in at #1 in this year’s study was “Rear Seat Kickers” as the most aggravating airplane passengers. Let's face it though, there is not much leg room in airline travel these days but I can see how that could be aggravating.

Other key findings in the survey are “Inattentive Parents,” the “Aromatic Passenger,” the “Audio Insensitive,” and the “Boozer” for honors as the most irritating.

Here is the other item that caught my eye. How many of you self medicate for a flight?The annual survey found that 15 percent  “always or sometimes” use medication or alcohol to help them sleep,(or a combination of both) while 80 percent “never” do. I had to laugh!

You can read the complete survey and get ready for the rat race of the holiday travel!


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