According to a Facebook site Bismarck People Reporting News, there's a lot of talks as to what the old K-Mart building is going to be. Some people on the page have said Scheels, U-Haul, Fleet Farm, Sanford is buying it. These are hearsay and what was being said on the Facebook page. If you'd like to comment or read the comments you can click here.

In a Facebook post earlier this year in February 2020 on Bismarck People Reporting News, many people wanted to see the building get turned into a recreational center, Dave and Busters, indoor playground/gym for kids, roller skating/ mini golf/ arcade/ bowling, go kart tracks, super target, roller skating rink, Big Al's, chucky cheese, indoor dog park, climbing structure for kids, big night club, vet clinic, truck wash, and a car museum. If you would like to read all the comments you can click here.

There's a lot of good ideas floating around as to what it's going to be or possibilities of what someone might turn it into. I personally think we need more things to do in the winter months. We have plenty to do in the summer but hardly anything to do in the winter months. I'm all game for the go-karts, bumper cars or maybe even a huge indoor water park. I hope whoever buys the building turns it into a cool store or something that Bismarck doesn't have. What are your thoughts? What do you think the building will be turned into?

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