Don't you just dislike people who steal otherwise known as thieves? It's just one of the most aggravating things a person can do is to steal. To lift something which is not yours is disgusting. We've all had it happen to us.

It doesn't matter the item or the value of the item stolen, it's just the fact someone took something that does not belong to them represents a slime of a person.

We turn to for a study which shows the most stolen item in every state. Safe Home used the statistics from FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR)  to determine the items thieves most commonly targeted in every state.

The research shows crime is on the increase across the country. A crime is committed every 1.6 seconds across the nation and this equates to a burglary every 18.2 seconds, and a larceny-theft (like pickpocketing) every 5.4 seconds.

Through the research the FBI has determine the one item which most targeted in every state the most. Most crooks are looking for money, jewelry, drugs, firearms, technical toys (Gameboys, video games and consoles) electronics and clothing. Even pets and livestock made the list of items most stolen. Crooks won't stop at anything of value. If they can sell it and make a buck they'll steal it.

The state which tops the list in every category for items stolen is Hawaii. In the Aloha State, crooks steal everything, money, jewelry, firearms and miscellaneous items. (which covers cell phones, cars and office or personal office equipment) In Hawaii if it's not nailed down or super-glued, it'll get nabbed.

North Dakota ranked in the top 5 in only one category, and this was the miscellaneous list where the Peace Garden state ranked #3.

The most stolen item in North Dakota is money.

The complete list is here.

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