Have you ever moved up your vehicle to curbside after pumping your gas?

I know I have a few times in my life.  Mostly because I knew I was going to be inside for an extended period of time, and I didn't want to take up a spot at the pump, especially if it was busy.

Maybe you have too.  Some people who have problems walking period need to do this just so they can safely get into the store, say if the parking lot is icy.

Since 90% of gas stations are now "pay at the pump", the following situation is a moot point as it would not be a big deal at these gas stations.

A "situation" has come to my attention that happened at a Bismarck C-Store recently.

I'm not going to name the gas station, but according to one of our listeners, a very old lady who was only 4 1/2 feet tall probably in her 80s went to the cashier to pay for her gas.

The cashier immediately asked her if she moved her car from the pump?  She said, "Yes," and she moved it in front of the store so she wouldn't have to walk so far in the cold, snow, and ice.

The cashier said that is highly illegal to move your car at all without paying and she thought there was a drive-off.  This woman working at the gas station was probably 50 years younger than the elderly woman, and our listener felt she was really talking down this senior citizen.  Making a scene and going off on her.

According to our listener, the older woman moved her car about 20 feet, and she felt the cashier was on a "huge power trip", and this is not how you should treat people.

Okay, so first question, is this indeed illegal in North Dakota?

I sat down with one of my friends at the Bismarck Police Department to find out.  I can't imagine it would be illegal right?  As it turns out it is NOT.  Not specifically illegal but could be interpreted as illegal because you've pumped gas and haven't paid for it before driving.

He added, "You are opening up the question of driving away without paying.  It's like shoplifting, you take an item past the last point of purchase and break the law."

My police officer friend added that a reasonable person would likely not have an issue, especially in the situation I have just described for you, but you can avoid any issue or confusion by paying at the pump ahead of time.  He highly recommends paying at the pump before moving your vehicle.

Who knows, maybe this woman only had cash.  Maybe she doesn't know how to operate "the pay at the pump" feature?  Heck, my father still has a flip phone.  Either way, it sounds like an unfortunate altercation that shouldn't have happened in my opinion.

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