Vacation time! Summer is in full swing. The daylight hours are at its peak in North Dakota. Recently a webpage released the cheapest must see attraction in every state. What do you think the cheapest must see attraction is in North Dakota? released a list of the cheapest must see attractions in each state. Here is how they did it! The search factored in ways to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, whether in rural or urban settings. There was not a limit on prices but they examined the attractions that were less than $15 for adults and cheaper admission prices for kids and seniors plus military.

Recently, stay-cations have become popular. Families can travel short distances, take a break and spend less money while staying close to home and getting to experience attractions in their backyard.

The North Dakota must see for cheap is The Heritage Center in Bismarck.

 Located next to the capitol building in Bismarck, the North Dakota Heritage  Center and State Museum is newly remodeled, open for business, and free to  enter. Looking back at prehistoric times through to the era of the Northern  Plains Indians to the present and on to the future, you'll get an extensive  education about the area you're visiting. This is a must-see attraction,  according to reviews at TripAdvisor.

You can see the entire list here.

North Dakota Tourism/Jim Gallop/ ND.GOV
North Dakota Tourism/Jim Gallop/ ND.GOV


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