The Summer From Hell Is Over!
The river provided plenty of opportunities to have a sense of normalcy and every time I drove by Raging Rivers Water Park, there were plenty of kids enjoying themselves.
We're so HOT!
The summer months are upon us and we all know North Dakota summers get hot no matter how our other seasons turn out. But nowhere in North Dakota gets hotter than Bismarck.
You still have warm days to enjoy ice cream. published the best ice cream parlor in every state, and lucky for us, the best is here in Bismarck and Fargo.
It's Summer!
There are a few sure signs it's summer in Bismarck when a few things happen. If you lived in Bismarck for any amount of time, you know when it's summer when these things happen. I think we can all realte to these.
Staying Cool
The kids are out of school in the Bismarck area, the temperatures were in the 90's over the last few days, here are some ideas to stay cool during the long days of summer.
Summer Drink
We used Facebook to ask the simple question, "What is your favorite summer drink?" The replies ran the gamut.

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