Is there any North Dakotan food that you won't eat or any food that is popular here that you won't eat? I have multiple friends that love eating tiger meat and most people think that is really disgusting that a person is eating raw meat. Another big one that many people really like eating is Rocky Mountain Oysters and I know a lot of people that will not eat that. People love and hate different foods but there are some foods that some people hate that blow my mind.

I know many people that hate eating Kuchen, Knoephla, Fleischkuekle, and a few other North Dakota foods. These are big German foods and I've always said how can you not like them and they come back how can you eat them. Everyone has different tastes but these foods are some of the best. I have always said this statement I will always try foods at least once even if they look gross just looking at it.

What is one food that there is no way that you will ever eat it no matter what? Did you at least try the food once to see if you liked it? Many people look at a food and they say that looks gross and never even try it and maybe if they tried it they would really like it. I'll try it once and some foods it will only be once but I can at least say I tried it.

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