According to an article on KFYR-TV, a trio of Glenn Ullin high school Students are being recognized as heroes for stepping in at a disturbance.  Here's the video.



Not everyday you see something like this. These days, so many high school kids get a bad rap.  Lack of motivation, always on their phones, self absorbed.  Not these three high school students.  These students were recognized on Wednesday evening for their bravery and willing to help.

This actually happened last month on the night of September 24th, when the Morton County Sheriff's Office responded to an incident at Zeroff Repair in Hebron.  The suspect took off from a deputy, but the three Glen Ullin students and a parent followed after him, and pinned him down on a city street as seen in the video above.

The suspect has been identified as, Alvin Houle Jr.  He was causing a scene inside repair store and was able to break free from a deputy after law enforcement was called into the store.  The students then took off after Houle and captured him, until the authorities arrived on the scene.

“It was an instinct to help out I guess, an adrenaline rush,” said Ethan Duppong, a senior at Glen Ullin High School," according to the article on KFYR-TV.  The other two teens involved in helping law enforcement include Andrew Tryhus and Grant Gerving.  Kudos to these young men for being aware of their surroundings and going above and beyond to help out law enforcement.

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